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Ode to the Weekend

Weekend, you are almost here.
Weekend, I can feel you near.
My plans are all made,
In the sun I will lay
Oh Weekend, bring me good cheer.

It’s that time of the week where we stare wistfully out the window as the sun streams in. The weekend is so close, and even more importantly we have the perfect outfit planned for it.

Working for the Weekend
Don’t forget your sunscreen you crazy kids. xox

I feel pretty, oh so pretty…

For the every day woman, truly special, get-my-hair-and-make-up-done, rent from Rent-the-Runway, events don’t happen too often. Probably hasn’t happened since graduation from University or even Prom. When they do, we panic. We want to be Audrey, but over think it to the point where we fear ending up more Lady Gaga. As with most things in life: Simpler is better. Keep it classic. Have a stand out piece of jewelry—as a wingman, so to speak—but let the dress do all the talking.

Glorious GalaAnd as always, you rock. xox.
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