Designer Spotlight: Vanessa Mooney


"Find things you feel so comfortable in that you don’t even think about putting them on in the morning." It didn’t take long for us to realize that Vanessa Mooney’s laissez-faire philosophy extends beyond her vintage-inspired bohemian wardrobe. From her carefree bracelet stacks to the most humorous Halloween costume, Vanessa’s innate comfort in being herself manifests in everything the designer does - and that’s exactly why we love her. Read on to discover the many other reasons (we’ve lost count!) we’re obsessed with this bohemian bauble maker.

1. Your jewelry exhibits bohemian flair, authentic attitude, yet wearability for the modern woman – all at once. How do you pull this off?

I think being so inspired by the past - history, people, fashion, revolutions, art, and music - plays a big part when a piece is being designed. But at the same time, I want my girl to feel ahead of the past and be able to wear every piece without feeling dated or costume-y!

2. How does the jewelry you create reflect your Hollywood roots paired with your insatiable appetite for travel?

Growing up around my family’s history of old Hollywood made quite an impression on my fashion taste. I was obsessed with vintage clothing as a teenager and even now. The fabrics and styles from the 20s through the 40s were beyond inspiring to me. The clothes, the jewelry, the hats - everything was so put together. I thought it was so special!

My mother’s generation was very bohemian and I think that got passed down to me, and taught me to always be searching and learning. Traveling is how I do that!

3. What is the travel destination you haven’t been to but would love to go?

I always want to travel to beaches or natural paradises, but recently I have been craving a good long trip to Paris. I have been before, but would love to actually live there for a while! 

4. We’re obsessed with layering, and you do it really well! What’s your secret to a killer bracelet stack? 

Layering is the best! Mix pieces that are not similar to each other. If you have beaded bracelets, add a thick metal cuff or mix silver with gold. It makes it feel like you didn’t try too hard. Like you woke up with them that way!

5. Here at Rocksbox, we gift our members in sets of three. What three things are you obsessed with right now?

Motorcycles, planting succulents, and finding the perfect leather fringe jacket.

6. Describe your style in three words (can you tell we love threes?).

Vintage, modern, bohemian.

7. For women just beginning the jewelry discovery process, what’s your piece of advice for getting in tune with one’s personal jewelry style?

Find things you feel so comfortable in that you don’t even think about putting them on in the morning - you just always want it. And then, pick pieces you can layer with those staples. Do that with every part of your body! Hands, wrists, and neck. Soon you will have a pretty rocking collection of jewels!

8. What’s your average (or not-so-average) morning routine and how does accessorizing come into play?

Oh man! I am not much of a morning person. But, I have my jewelry laid down outside of my jewelry box so I can always see my favorite pieces. It makes it so much easier for me to grab what I love. I think accessorizing is the fun part of getting dressed, so I always try to do it!

9. What will you be for Halloween this year?

I would love to be a Parisian queen with a white wig and powdered skin in a corset dress and all the little details.

10. If you could dress one person in Vanessa Mooney who would it be?

Wow, that’s a hard one! I would love to dress Brigitte Bardot, Lillian Gish or Kate Moss! There are so many beautiful women I would love to dress!

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Our goal at Rocksbox is to get to know your personal style, to inspire you to take risks, and to help you be your brightest everyday.  Every element of this new brand is shaped by this vision – from the bright jewel-tone blue to the personalized script of the logo, and the black and white patterns you’ll see throughout the Rocksbox experience.

Going forward you’ll see the new Rocksbox everywhere – on the website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and of course, the boxes. And in those boxes, you can still expect a fabulous selection of designer jewelry hand picked for you by your Rocksbox stylist.

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Meet the Stylist: Amanda


Where can you find Amanda, RocksBox’s very own senior stylist, when she’s not swapping studs for statement earrings or perusing designer collections for that next must-have? Here, at Jane on Fillmore sipping a latte with friends in her charming San Francisco neighborhood of Pacific Heights. Here are ten more fun facts you didn’t already know about your sparkle-savvy stylist.

1. What three things are you obsessed with right now?

DIY projects (I just refurbished a dresser for my apartment!), Sam Smith, and leopard print accessories.

2. Who is your style muse?

Jackie Kennedy Onassis.

3. What’s your go-to accessory?

I wear Gorjana’s Taner Shimmer necklace everyday. It goes with everything and has just a hint of sparkle.

4. What are you reading right now?

I just finished The Goldfinch last weekend and highly recommend it. 

5. Tips for transitioning jewelry from day to night?

Swapping your earrings can instantly flip any look. For day, I’ll usually wear a pair of studs and replace them with a dangly earring for night. And why not add a few bangles to my stack while I’m at it?

6. How does your jewelry evolve from work to weekend?

During the work week, I opt for more delicate pieces. Come the weekend, it’s fun to show off a statement necklace or bold cuff to add some unexpected edge to my outfit.

7. What are your three fall wardrobe staples?

Booties (heeled or flat), cashmere sweaters, and a quality leather jacket. 

8. Jewelry trend you’re loving?

Pearls and spikes. I love the mix of classic and edgy.

9. How do you switch up your jewelry from summer to fall?

One super easy way is to play with color. For fall, I’ll replace summer’s neons and pastels with darker, jewel-toned hues - like emerald!

10. Favorite fall weekend activity?

I love to spend weekend mornings with friends over brunch, followed by a sunny day hike (which I’m coincidentally doing right after this!).

How-To: Request your Rocksbox


After you sail through your style survey and rate your latest RocksBox, why not share even more about your personal jewelry style? To make your next box better than the last, our stylists want to know which baubles your babbling over. So, head over to our Instagram and follow these three simple steps to request jewelry for your next RocksBox.

1. Follow on Instagram.

Here at the RocksBox HQ, we’re always scouting fresh, new finds that belong in your next ribbon-wrapped box. So, tag along by following us on Instagram. It’s your sneak peek to what’s new in our office - every single day.

2. Find your favorites.

Whether a brilliant bauble pops up on your newsfeed or your scoping out our older posts, find the pieces you’ll want to dress up in. 

3. Request by commenting.

It couldn’t be simpler: Post a comment along the lines of “I want that statement necklace in my next box!” and we’ll take it from there.

Ready to start requesting?

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2. Roll up, show off.

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3. Get handy.

Sure, fall introduces a little more chill than summer - but mitten season is still a few months away. Take advantage of your wool-less hands by stepping up your ring game. Flaunt this blue stone by Margaret Elizabeth, build an eye-catching ring stack, or dare to mix the two styles.

Ready to celebrate sweater weather with the right accessories? Sign up for RocksBox at to get started.

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3 Reasons to Mark Your Calendar for 10/8/14


1. RocksBox is renovating.

Fabulous jewelry, a ribbon-wrapped box, and a personal stylist hand-selecting every accessory we know you’ll rock: That’s here to stay. So, what’s changing? Stay tuned on October 8th and find out how RocksBox is getting even more glam - just for you.

2. Your shopping spree awaits.

Yes. We really are gifting every RocksBox member a shopping spree on October 8th, either $5, $50, or $500. And the best part: All you have to do is be a RocksBox member on our big day. It’s that simple.

3. Jewelry you’ll fall in love with.

Love your previous RocksBox sets? Well, we’re debuting fresh, new designers and even more brilliant baubles on the big day. Keep an eye on our Instagram to get a sneak peek.

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